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Buy 3 Get 1 Free

Menu update !!!!!!!!!!

Elroy's 350/oz

Drip station

Sherb cream pie

Sherb cream x truffle pig



The menthol

Vice city

Truffle pig

Menthol x Mctruffle


Sour patch kids (dryer bottom of jar)

Headwaters old drop 350/oz

Khalifa mintz

Khalifa x jealousy

New drop !!!! 400/oz

Apricot stomper (crazy tangy fruits and gas)

Pressure (insane 🦨 and fuel, must try)

Galactic runtz (nice candy gas)

New sungrown badders!!

Mellon jelly

Garlic fusion

Old sungrown / budget options 250/oz

Garden mix 4 (darker)

Garden mix 2

Garden mix 3 (dryer bottom of jar)

Sour diesel


600 mg Sugarsmiths 35$

Bulk 50mg Sugarsmiths 15/6 pcs

Prices negotiable on 2 oz and up

Other budget friendly strains and products.

For Extracts inquiries please visit wholesale/extracts for contact email.

Updated menu right now are collabs with high level quad growers. Extreme high end gas fuel terps on these. Limited runs so don’t miss out!

Pictures are a few samples!

disposable live hash rosin /resin pens

Live rosin carts

Live rosin

Live resin

THCa Diamonds